About Parivartan Nepal

Parivartan Nepal is a non- government organization (NGO) established in 2007 A.D . It is committed to contribute to sustainable development through conservation and promotion of local means and resources, skill and technologies. Parivartan Nepal was registered  at District Administration Office, Makawanpur district (1,131 dated 2007.12.26). It is affiliated  with Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (24,374 dated 2008.01.29) and NGO Federation, Nepal.

To help vulnerable communities of Nepal for transferring into resilient and vibrant societies.

The overall objectives of Parivartan Nepal is to contribute to poverty reduction by providing the target groups with opportunities for harnessing their development potentials through their increased to required services and resources . The specific objectives are to:
– Help local communities in conserving and promoting agro – biodiversity and its sustainable uses,
– Promote organic farming including research and development,
– Facilitate the target beneficiaries in harnessing local resources, indigenous knowledge , skill, technologies and cultures for improving their socio-economic status,
– Contribute in sustainable peace and development by bringing economically, socially and politically backward communities in development mainstream,
– Enhance capacity of local institutions, self-help groups, community –based organizations and other for ensuring their effective involvement in community development,
– Assist local communities for having and extension of basic social services such as education, health, drinking water and sanitation etc.


Broadly speaking the working strategies of Parivartan Nepal include:
– Conduct of research, training, development project/program implementation, seminars/workshops, advocacy and publication,
– Formation and mobilization of agro – biodiversity resource centers/networks, users groups, women’s groups and other self-help groups at local and area levels,