Engaging Youths in Agriculture

School bio-diversity strengthening was the activity planned. During the period, two school biodiversity gardens were maintained one at Phabarbari and other at Pattharkot Sarlahi. During the reporting year, 48 mango , 20 litchi saplings were distributed to Janta Higher Secondary School, Phabarbari, similarly 31 saplings( included Pomegranate, hard Nuts,Mango-Vhaskar,Jarda,Maldah,Prabha Sankhar, Dashhari,Nilam, And Gulab Jamun), 12 varieties of herbal saplings( Kurilo,ban lasun,Red nad white, Satya Jivan,Thuo Amala, Wood apple,Sarpagandha, Citronella,Dhupi,Rittha and Titepati) planted at biodiversity garden of Narayani Janata Higher Secondary School, Pathhorkot, Sarlahi.

PN has supported to the ECO -Club of NJHS for organising one extra curricular activity participating 25(5 girls) students. ECO-CLubs are being engaged in agro-biodiversity garden maintainnance, celebrating youths, and environmental days, awareness champaigion etc.


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