• Promoting Agro-biodiversity

    Enhancing the agro-biodiversified crops are more sustainable. a link.

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    Riverbank Conservation

    People\'s participation in planting the saplings in barren Riverbank a link.

  • Banana Varieties

    Banana Varieties maintained in Field Gene Bank a link.

  • Riverbank Conservation

    Bamboo barriers are the effective means of flash flood control a link.

  • Local Landrace of Fingermillet

    Local species of the underutilised crops such as fingermillet are the good source of the rural poeple. a link.

  • Riverbank Conservation

    Women Participation in Riverbank conservation and plantation. a link.

  • Riverbank Conservation

    Peoples participation in Riverbank Conservation and the planted bamboo shoot a link.

  • Promoting Local Species

    Local Species of Poultry and Goat a link.

  • Broom Grass plantation

    Broom grass in slopy area and riverbank area was the effective means of flood and erosion control. a link.

  • Bamboo Barrier

    Bamboo barriers are the effective means of flash flood control a link.

  • Masauyra Preparation

    Women being participating in Masauyra preparation a link.

  • Restriction in Open grazing.

    a link.

  • Agroproducts transformation

    Transformed agro products has gained the better market price. a link.

  • Improved Chickens

    A leader farmer with the chickens provided by Parivartan Nepal a link.

  • Plastic Tunnel Farming

    Plastic tunnels are the effective means of vegetables productions in season and off season. a link.

  • Diversity

    The same piece of land can be more utilised by cropping more than two crops,that enhance the diversity and food security. a link.

  • 7th Annual Aernal Assembly
  • Open Defecation Free (ODF)

    Open Defecation Free(ODF)in Syapru VDC,Rasuwa,Nepal

    ODF in Syapru VDC a link.

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About Parivartan Nepal

Parivartan Nepal is a non- government organization (NGO) established in 2007 A.D . It is committed to contribute to sustainable development through conservation and promotion of local means and resources, skill and technologies. Parivartan Nepal was registered  at District Administration Office, Makawanpur district (1,131 dated 2007.12.26). It is affiliated  with Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu (24,374 dated 2008.01.29) and NGO Federation, Nepal.

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  • Earthquake Relief 2015

    Nepal has experienced the earthquake in April 2015 and caused the large amount of loss of Livelihoods. Parivartan Nepal as supported by USC CA has distributed some relief items to the households of Makwanpur.

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  • Engaging Youths in Agriculture

    Youths can play the role in conservation ans sustainable use of the agro-biodiversity. So as the concept Parivartan Nepal has been supporting some schools in program areas to conduct programms.

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  • Agro-Products Processing and Marketing

    Parivartan Nepal has been supporting rural people on agro products transformation and some financial support to the local co-operatives were conducted.

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  • Gender Equality

    Parivartan Nepal from its starting of the program year has been supporting the rural women to income generating activities, women lead off season vegetable production, mushroom cultivation.

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  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation

    Parivartan Nepal has intervent in soil water conservation, gully erosion control, riverbank conservation and has been working in the climate change related hazards of flash floods in the riverbank residing communities.

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  • Seed Security and Diversification

    Farmers are the key of seeds. Seed security can be achieved only through the active participation of farmers in selection, improvement and storage of any type of seeds. Parivartan Nepal has been working in seed security and improvement.

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  • Rural economy and support to farmer’s organisation

    Rural farmers are devoid of the resources and governmental apperances. Parivartan Nepal has been working in the rural areas in Agro product processing and Marketing,Strengthening farmers groups and co-operatives, promotion of Agro-based enterprises.

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